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Al Casey - I'm A Guitar Man

型番(レーベル) ・El Toro
販売価格 2,800円(内税)
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    2枚組CD NEW
    ギターヒーロー”DICK DALE””THE VENTURES””DUANE EDDY”のギターソロが順番にでてくるユニークな"Surfin' Hootenanny"などの自身のヒットやロカビリーやポップス系の作品でもよくバックでギターで弾いている事でも知られるギタリスト"アルケイシー"!!彼のソロ作品は勿論、参加した重要曲を大量に収録したそのギターの素晴らしさを堪能できる全57曲の2枚組の編集盤!!
    CD1 1.SANFORD CLARK/The Fool 2.SANFORD CLARK/Lonesome For A Letter 3.AL CASEY/A Folls Blues 4.AL CASEY/Juice 5.AL CASEY/If Told You(Wouldn't Know It All By Myself) 6.AL CASEY/The Pink Panther 7.SANFORD CLARK/A Cheat 8.SANFORD CLARK/Usta Be My Baby 9.AL CASEY/Guitar Man 10.AL CASEY/Come What May 11.AL CASEY/Willa Mae 12.AL CASEY/She Gotta Shake 13.SANFORD CLARK/Ooo Baby 14.SANFORD CLARK/9LB Hammer 15.DUANE EDDY/Caravan 16.AL CASEY/The Adventures of Frank N Stein 17.DUANE EDDY/Ramrod 18.AL CASEY/(Got the)Teen-Age Blues 19.FRANTIC JOHNNY ROGERS/Sassy 20.AL CASEY/Givin' Up 21.AL CASEY/The Stinger 22.AL CASEY/Keep Talking 23.JODY REYNOLDS/Tight Capris 24.THE STORMS/Thunder 25.THE STORMS/Tarantula 26.JODY REYNOLDS/Endless Sleep 27.SANFORD CLARK/New Kind Of Fool CD2 1.JIMMY JOHNSON/Cat Daddy 2.JIMMY SPELLMAN/It's You You You 3.SANFORD CLARK/A Cross-Eyed Alley Cat 4.JIM MURPHY/Plumb Crazy 5.DON COLE/Snake Eyed Mama 6.DAVE LOWE/A Lowe 7.DICK ROBINSON/The Boppin' Martian 8.GENE MALTAIS/The Bug 9.JIMMY JOHNSON/How About Me?-Party Baby 10.JIM MURPHY/I'm Gone, Mama 11.JOE MONTGOMERY/Planetary Run 12.LONESOME LONG JOHN ROLLER/Hay Mamma 13.JUDY FAYE/Rocky Rolly Lover Boy 14.SANFORD CLARK/Every Minute of the Day 15.JODY REYNOLDS/Beulah Lee 16.SNFORD CLARK/Modern Romance 17.THE BARKER BROTHERS/Hey Little Mama 18.JERRY DEMAR/(She Wantsa)Lover Man 19.JIMMY DELL/I've Got A Dollar 20.DON COLE/Saturday Nite Party Time 21.JOE D JOHNSON/Rattlesnake Daddy 22.JODY REYNOLDS/Daisy Mae 23.JIMMY SPELLMAN/Doggonit 24.SANFORD CLARK/Don't Care 25.DON COLE/Sweet Lovin' Honey 26.LONESOME LONG JOHN ROLLER/Long JOhn's Flagpole Rock 27.LOY CLINGMAN/Time Wounds All Heels 28.GENE MALTAIS/Lovemakin' 29.SANFORD CLARK/Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens 30.JODY REYNOLDS/Fire of Love 31.THE TADS/The Pink Panther 32.TED NEWMAN/Plaything