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Jimmie Skinner - One Dead Man Ago

型番(レーベル) ・Bear Family
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    CD NEW
    "Bear Family"レーベルのCountry/Hillbilly系アーティストのレーベルの枠を超えて、正にBestな選曲でそのアーティストの重要曲をギュっと凝縮した内容で好評の"Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight"シリーズ!! Country系アーティスト"ジミースキナー"の50's〜60's年代のホンキートンクナンバーを主に収録した,プリRockabilly的サウンドが楽しめる1枚!!Great!!
    1. The Rambler's Call 2. Jimmie Speaks (Hamilton, Ohio 1926) 3. Ramblin' Boy Blues 4. Lula Lee 5. Muddy Water Blues 6. There's Nothin' About You Special 7. Running Out Of Time 8. It's All The Same To Me 9. Kentucky And You 10. Women Beware (Of The Ramblin' Kind) 11. I Ain't Got Time 12. By Degrees 13. Don't Give My Heart To A Rambler 14. My Broken Heart's Startin' To Show 15. Baby I Could Change My Way 16. Too Hot To Handle 17. (My Heart's) On A Budget 18. Dime A Dozen (That's What You Are) 19. How Low Can You Feel 20. I Need A Little Lovin' 21. Another Saturday Night 22. Just Ramblin' On 23. Where My Sweet Baby Goes 24. I Found My Girl In The U.S.A. 25. Hafta Do Somethin' 'Bout That 26. You Don't Know My Mind 27. John Wesley Hardin 28. Riverboat Gambler 29. I'm A Lot More Lonesome Now 30. 100 Proof Heartaches 31. I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still) 32. One Dead Man Ago 33. Rambler's Call