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VA - Back From The Grave Vol.8

型番(レーベル) ・Crypt
販売価格 3,800円(内税)
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    2枚組LPレコード NEW
    A1 Groop, The - Alright! A2 Benders, The - Can't Tame Me A3 Adrian Lloyd - Lorna A4 Nightriders, The - With Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends? A5 Chancellors, The - On Tour A6 Pseudos, The - A Long Way To Nowhere A7 Bojax, The - Go Ahead & Go A8 Wyld, The - Goin' Places A9 Elite U.F.O., The - Now Who's Good Enough? B1 Painted Ship, The - And She Said Yes B2 Merlynn Tree, The - Look In Your Mirror B3 Dave Myers & The Disciples - Come On Love B4 Pulsating Heartbeats, The - Talkin' About You B5 Cindells, The - Don't Bring Me Down B6 James T & The Workers - That Is All B7 Outspoken Blues, The - Not Right Now B8 Painted Ship, The - I Told Those Little White Lies B9 Piece Kor, The - All I Want Is My Baby Back C1 Cavedwellers, The - Run Around C2 Village Outcast, The - The Girl I Used To Love C3 New Fugitives, The - That's Queer C4 Dave Starky Five, The - Hey Everybody C5 Ascendors, The - I Won't Be Home C6 Tikis, The* - We're On The Move C7 Amberjacks, The - Hey Eriq! C8 Ravenz, The - Just Like I Want Her C9 Nightcrawlers, The* - Want Me D1 Dagenites, The - I Don't Want To Try It Again D2 Dark Horsemen, The - You Lied D3 Dogs, The (2) - Don't Try To Help Me D4 Dry Grins, The* - She's A Drag D5 New Fugitives, The - She's My Baby D6 Merlynn Tree, The - How To Win Friends D7 Just Too Much - She Gives Me Time D8 Sonics Inc - Diddy Wah Diddy D9 Satan's Chyldren - Don't Go