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VA - Early Girls Vol.1

型番(レーベル) ・Ace
販売価格 2,380円(内税)
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    CD NEW
    UK ACE レーベルが誇る人気&内容充実の"ガールズヴォーカル"Comp!!! 当時のヒットランキングトップ100以下に絞った内容で、60's Grild Group から50's Pops SingerからR&B Singerまでツボのついた選曲でマニアから初心者まで人気のシリーズ!! Vol.1はUk Beat Group"マンフレッドマン"のカバーでお同じみな"Tell Him"のヒットを持つ"エクサイターズ"のヒットナンバーからはじまり、その舌足らずな歌い方が印象的なMods系にも定番の人気曲"Shirley Ellis - Name Game"やDoowop スタイルの"Sessations - Music Music Musc",,,,etc 収録!!
    01 DO-WAH-DIDDY The Exciters 02 YOU'RE NO GOOD Betty Everett 03 THE NAME GAME Shirley Ellis 04 CHAINS The Cookies 05 IT MIGHT AS WELL RAIN UNTIL SEPTEMBER Carole King 06 I'M INTO SOMETHING GOOD Earl Jean 07 I CAN'T STAY MAD AT YOU Skeeter Davis 08 I WISH I WERE A PRINCESS Little Peggy March 09 I'VE TOLD EVERY LITTLE STAR Linda Scott 10 TRIANGLE Janie Grant 11 WEST OF THE WALL Toni Fisher 12 PINK SHOELACES Dodie Stevens 13 MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC The Sensations 14 DEAR ABBY The Hearts 15 WHENEVER A TEENAGER CRIES Reparata & the Delrons 16 POPSICLES & ICICLES The Murmaids 17 WONDERFUL SUMMER Robin Ward 18 I LOVE HOW YOU LOVE ME The Paris Sisters 19 DARK MOON Bonnie Guitar 20 YOU The Aquatones 21 'TIL The Angels 22 THE GREAT PRETENDER Kathy Young & The Innocents 23 ANGEL BABY (UK VERSION) Rosie & The Originals 24 EDDIE MY LOVE The Teen Queens 25 HE'S GONE The Chantels 26 DEDICATED TO THE ONE I LOVE The Shirelles 27 SON-IN-LAW The Blossoms 28 EASIER SAID THAN DONE The Essex