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Sleepy LaBEEF - Rocks

型番(レーベル) ・Bear Family
販売価格 2,780円(内税)
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    CD NEW
    "Bear Familly"レーベルの白人Rockerを中心に最近続々とリリースを続ける”Rocks”シリーズ!!そのアーティストの様々な時代のツボを抑えた選曲で手軽にそのアーティストの全貌が楽しめます。その眠たそうな顔が印象的なClassic RockabillyアーティストSleepy LaBEEF!!"Starday""Mercury""Dixie"レーベルの音源を中心とした決定盤的Best音源集!!! 人気Jiver "Tore Up"も収録!!
    1. All The Time 2. I'm Through 3. Baby Let's Play House 4. All Alone 5. I Ain't Gonna Take It 6. Lonely 7. Don't Make Me Go 8. Little Bit More (alt) 9. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen 10. Turn Me Loose 11. You're So Easy To Love 12. Ridin' Fence 13. The Ways Of A Woman In Love 14. Walkin' Slowly 15. Ride On Josephine 16. Home Of The Blues 17. Tore Up 18. Little Bit More 19. You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven 20. Goodnight Irene 21. Guess Things Happen That Way 22. Can't Get You Off Of My Mind 23. I Found Out 24. You Can't Catch Me 25. Shame, Shame, Shame 26. Ain't Got No Home 27. Too Much Monkey Business 28. Honey Hush 29. Good Rockin' Boogie 30. Roll Over Beethoven 31. I'm Coming Home 32. Shot-Gun Boogie 33. Honky Tonk Man 34. Lonesome For A Letter 35. Ride On Josephine