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VA - Girls Girls Girls Vol.6

型番(レーベル) ・Marginal
販売価格 1,800円(内税)
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    中古CD VG+ / VG+
    圧倒的な編集でコレクターに人気の"Marginal"レーベルの50's〜60's Girls Vocal編集盤!!!可愛らしいGirls PopナンバーからJazzyでPopcorn系のフィメールボーカルものまで、レア度の高いナンバーを一挙収録!!!Great!!Vol.6!!
    1 Pat Hervey Pat Hervey / Heaven For A While 2 Susan King Susan King / You Got Me In A Fix 3 Anna Craig Ann Craig / Nobody Loves Me 4 Shockettes Shockettes / Hold Back The Tears 5 Diana Ray Diane Renay / My Summer Love 6 Eydie Gorme Eydie Gorme / The Dance Is Over 7 Elizabeth Lands Elisabeth Lands / Walk Softly Children 8 Millie Foster Millie Foster / Ole Father Time 9 Shirley Bolt Shirley Bolt / Laughable 10 Anna King Anna King / The Big Chance 11 Susan Singers Susan Singer / Gee! It's Great To Be Young 12 Tamiko Tamiko / Don't Laugh If I Cry At Your Party 13 Bee Jay Bee Jays / I'll Find You 14 Tiffanies Tiffanies / Gossip 15 Linda Griner Linda Griner / Goodbye Cruel Love 16 The V.I.P.'s Vip's / You Pulled A Fast One 17 Little Peggy March Peggy March / Watch What You Do With My Baby 18 Jane Morgan Jane Morgan / May Be 19 Suzy Wallis Suzy Wallis / Little Things Like That 20 Darlene McCrea Darlene MC Crea / You Made A Fool Of Me