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VA - Here Come The Girls Vol.6

型番(レーベル) ・Sequel
販売価格 1,600円(内税)
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    中古CD VG+ / VG+
    60'sのガールズPops / ガールズグループの編集盤のなかでもとりわけレアでマイナーなアーティストを収録して人気の"Here Come The Girls"シリーズ!!Vol.6はイギリス編で、アメリカ産にも負けない良質のGirlsボーカルものを楽しめるほか、Mods / Swinging Londonの背景を知る上でも重要なナンバーが多く60'Sファンは必聴なレアでマイナーな音源を収録した充実盤!
    1 Sandra Barry Question 2 Mally Page I'm Tired Just Looking At You 3 Tammy St. John Life & Soul Of The Party 4 Jackie Trent Take Me Away 5 Petula Clark Reach Out I'll Be There 6 Antoinette Thank You For Loving Me 7 The Breakaways Here She Comes 8 Donna Douglas Blue Star 9 Linda Saxone Love Is A Many Splendored Thing 10 Nina Stern Please Don'T Talk About Me When I'm Gone 11 Barbara Ruskin Halfway To Paradise 12 Kim D Come On Baby 13 Linda Doll with The Sundowners He Don't Want Your Love Anymore 14 Satin Bells Da Di Da Da 15 Glenda Collins Something I Got To Tell You 16 Shirley Abicair So Goes Love 17 Dana Gillespie Thank You Boy 18 Lorraine Silver I Know You'll Be There 19 Angela & The Fans I Know You 20 The Baker Twins He's No Good 21 Patti Brook Heaven Is Being With You 22 Julie Rogers Long After Tonight Is All Over 23 Doddie West In The Deep Of Night 24 Jackie Lee You Make My Head Spin