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VA - The Holly Sound

型番(レーベル) ・Classics
販売価格 2,800円(内税)
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    CD NEW
    カバー曲から類似曲まで"バディーホリー"スタイルの50's & 60'sのR&R / Teen Pop系の音源を収録した編集盤!!全30曲Great!!
    Gene & The Strangers - Miss New Love, Don & Frank - Thinking It Over, Sonny West - Rave On, The Delcades - Falling Tears, Lou Giordano - Don't Cha Know, Bob & The Bandits - I'm Gonna Stop Cryin', El Ray & The Night Beats - My Secret, Rocky Hart - Everyday, Jimmy Craig - Oh Little Girl, Jackie Walker - Peggy Sue, Bobby Clark & Rhythm Kings - Little Ragged Dolly, The Temptations - Birds N Bees, Ronnie Price - Look At Me, Rusty Evans - Uh Huh Uh Huh Uh Huh, Gene Fisher & The Mystics - Listen To Me, Jimmy Leon Steel - A Love Like Yours, Sonny Curtis - Willa May Jones, Sonny Booth - Oh Baby Mine, Billy & The Glens - Oh Boy, Kenny Baker - I'm Gonna Love You, Tu-Tones - Still In Love With You, Paris Brothers - This Is It, Marty Cash - So Long Sandy, Jimmy Witter - My Kind Of Woman, Jeff Allen - That'll Be The Day, The Leen Teens - So Shy, C. A Bruce - Pin Cushion, Bobby Davies - Maybe Baby, Joey Mann - Someday Baby You'll Be Lonely, The Nighthawks - When Sin Stops