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Pussycat - Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music

型番(レーベル) ・Universal Music
販売価格 4,200円(内税)
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    商品のフォーマット 商品の状態(ジャケット/盤)
    中古2枚組CD VG+ / VG+
    1 Early In the Morning
    2 Nothing Can Ever Change This Love
    3 Believe What I Say
    4 Don't Mess With Cupid
    5 Don't You Leave
    6 Long Ago (Now It Ain't So)
    7 Please Call Me
    8 So I Came Back To You
    9 Now's The Time
    10 Bring A Little Sunshine
    11 What Can I Do
    12 Colours Of The Rainbow
    13 Tea Is Famous (In The Whole Wide World)
    14 Since I Lost Your Love
    15 Life's But Nothing
    16 Join The Tea Set
    17 This Rose In My Hand
    18 Sittin' On The Highest Mountain
    19 Red Red Wine
    20 I Won't Stand Between Them
    21 Mr. Music Man
    22 Good Old John
    23 Ma Belle Amie
    24 The Angels Coming (In The Holy Night)
    25 Finally In Love Again
    26 Charmaine
    27 If You Do Believe In Love
    28 Here In My House
    29 She Likes Weeds
    30 A Country Ride
    31 In Your Eyes (I Can See The Lies)
    32 You Keep Me Rockin' (Honey)
    33 Little Lady
    34 I Believe In You
    35 A Sunny Day In Greece
    36 So Long My Love
    37 Shotguns
    38 Horizon
    39 Mary Mary (Take Me 'Cross The Water)
    40 In The Morning Of My Days
    41 There Goes Johnny (With My Lady)
    42 But I Love It
    43 You Bringing Me Down
    44 Out Of My Head
    45 The Bandstand
    46 Angely
    47 Do It Baby
    48 Fill The World With Joy
    49 Linda Linda
    50 Get It Now