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VA - Juke Joint Boogie

型番(レーベル) ・Bear Family
販売価格 1,000円(内税)
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    商品のフォーマット 商品の状態(ジャケット/盤)
    中古CD VG+ / VG~VG+
    数々の良質な作品をリリースしてきた独"ベア・ファミリー"が考えるCountry / Rockabillyの重要作品を33曲詰め込んだ古き良き音楽の美味しいどころな編集盤!!オススメです。
    1 Johnny Seay Blue Moon Of Kentucky 2 Ben Hewitt Border City Call Girl 3 Janis Martin Hard Time Ahead 4 Bunny Barnes Happy Little Bluebird 5 Skeets McDonald Big Family Trouble 6 Busty York The Girl Can't Help It 7 Tom Tall & Ginny Wright Boom Boom Boomerang 8 Tommy Blake Shake Around (2) 9 Boots Randolph Greenback Dollar 10 Red Foley Plantation Boogie 11 Sanford Clark The Fool 12 Dave Rich Tuggin' On My Heart Strings 13 Bobby Williamson A Little Bit Of This 14 Charline Arthur I Heard About You 15 Howard Crockett If You'll Let Me 16 Dean Reed Pistolero 17 Bonnie Guitar Mister Fire Eyes (2) 18 Jimmie Skinner Born To Be Wild 19 Glen Glenn It Rains Rain 20 Newton Bros Rock & Roll Lullabye 21 Homer & Jethro Houn' Dawg (1) 22 Jack Guthrie This Troubled Mind Of Mine 23 Jimmy Work Crazy Moon 24 Tommy Collins Whatcha Gonna Do Now 25 Nita, Rita & Ruby Rock Love 26 Tibby Edwards C'es Si Tout 27 Johnny Bond All I Can Do Is Cry 28 Mararet Elliott This Wallflower's Gonna Bloom 29 Roy Hall Don't Stop Now 30 Freddie Hart Juke Joint Boogie 31 Eddie Cletro First Class Second Hand Woman 32 Orval Prophet Goodbye Katie, Bar The Door 33 Bill Haley Candy And Women