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VA - Bim Bam Boom - 28 Rockin' Doo Wops

型番(レーベル) ・Instant
販売価格 1,000円(内税)
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    商品のフォーマット 商品の状態(ジャケット / 盤)
    中古CD VG / M-
    "Instant"レーベル編集のRockin' Doowop集!
    1 The El Dorados Bim Bam Boom 2 The Spaniels Crazee Baby 3 The Du Mauriers All Night Long 4 The Du Droppers Come And Love Me Baby 5 Dukay The Girl's a Devil 6 The Moonglows Real Gone Mama 7 The Dells At the Bandstand 8 The Flamingos Jump Children (Vooit Vooit) 9 The Dells Jo Jo 10 The Spaniels Automobiles 11 Thunder Birds In My Thunderbird 12 The Moonglows Ooh Rockin' Daddy 13 The El Dorados Rock 'n' Roll's For Me 14 The Dells Come on Baby 15 The Spaniels Lovey Dovey Baby 16 The Ideals Knee Socks 17 C.Notes On Your Mark 18 Vvells False Alarm 19 The Dells Zing Zing Zing 20 The Monotones Legend of Speepy Hollow 21 The Spaniels Tina 22 The Thunderbirds Mary 23 The Moonglows My Gal 24 The Orioles Live it Up 25 The Harmonaires Come Back 26 The Love Notes Don't Go 27 The Spaniels Hey Sister Lizzie 28 The El Dorados Boom Diddle Boom