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VA - Collector Choice Vol.2 〜campus Boogie

型番(レーベル) ・El Toro
販売価格 2,380円(内税)
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    "スペイン”の"El Toro"レーベル編集40’s〜50'sロカビリー / Hillbilly集 第二段!!! レアな良質ナンバー満載で、音質&解説も充実!!!

    Jimmy Collie - I'm Not Giving Up That Easy (Rose - Heath) Slim Williams - Out Running Around (J. C. Williams) The Hooper Twins - You're Always The Last To Know (B. Hooper) Leonard Sipes And The Rythmn Oakies - Smooth Sailing (L. Sipes) Ed Camp - Tie A String Around Your Finger (E. Camp) Chuck Kyles With Excel Country Music Makers - You'll Like Country Music (R. Mize) Terry Fell And The Fellers- Smoking Cornsilks (T. Fell) Al Runyon With The Gateway All-Stars - My Baby Left Me (A. Crudup) Betty Coral With Raymond Mccollister And His Orchestra - Chili Dippin' Baby (Mccollister) Jack Derrick - Rainbow Of Love (J. Derrick - E. Hunter) Gene O'quin - You're Gonna Be Sorry (G. O'quin) Frank Evans And His Top Notchers - Barrell Of Heartaches (J. Dunklin - J. Dowell) Joyce Lowrance And Earney Vandagriff - Hush Money (J. O'Neal) Don Johnson And The Mountain Wizards - Flying Low (Johnson) T. Texas Tyler And His Oklahoma Melody Boys - Black Jack David (Tyler) Al Brumley And The Brumley Brothers - You've Been Tellin' Lies On Me (The B. Brothers) Hank Crowe - Love Love Love (T. Jarrett) Tiny Adams - Long Gone Daddy (H. Williams) Unissued Acetate. R.D. Hendon And His Western Jamboree Cowboys - Ain't Got A Lick Of Sense (Hendon - Tyler) Leonard Sipes And The Rythmn Oakies- Campus Boogie (L. Sipes)