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VA - That British Sound Vol.10

型番(レーベル) ・Blakey
販売価格 2,300円(内税)
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    CD NEW
    "Greasy R&R"でおなじみ"Blakey"レーベル発、Late 50's〜60's "ブリティシュ R&R / Beat"コンピ!!!(英近隣の国もたまに入ってます。) "Greasy"のテンションをそのままに全編とうしてハイテンションなファンタスティックR&R / Beat ナンバーが堪能できます。 Rockabilly / R&R ファンはもちろん60's ファンやTedsまで大推薦のシリーズ !!Vol.10は、"Sombre Bros"のレアなアセテート盤"I Don't Care"の他"Brian Bentley""Cuddly Dudley"などレアアーティストを多く収録しながらもいつものノリはキープした好盤!!Great!!

    1 Brian Bentley & The Bachelors Please Make Up Your Mind 2 Cuddly Dudley Sitting On A Train 3 The Blazers Don't Let Go 4 Sombreros I Don't Care 5 The Crescendos Gandy Dancer 6 Danny Rivers Hawk 7 The Snakes Silvery Moon 8 The Fortunes Cygnet Twist 9 The Vipers Summertime Blues 10 David John & The Mood I Love To See You Strut 11 The Blazers Big Guitar 12 Frankie Williams & The Highcards The Lady Is A Tramp 13 Sharky Todd & His Monsters Cool Gool 14 Brian Howard & The Silhouettes Somebody Help Me 15 Garry & Lee Now It's Time To Fall In Love 16 The Crossfires Walking 17 Vince Taylor & The Playboys Cold, White & Beautiful 18 Al Saxon Linda Lu 19 Ahab & The Wailers Nebs Tune 20 Paul Beattie The Big Bounce 21 Duffy Power What Now? 22 Rey Anton & The Pro Form Premeditation 23 Cuddly Dudley Later 24 Clay Morton Tombstone No.9 25 Bert Weedon Black Jackets 26 Duffy Power That's My Little Susie 27 The Blazers 7月11日 28 Tommy Scott & The Senators Time Alone Will Tell 29 Jess Conrad Down Home Tonight 30 Brian Howard & The Silhouettes Young And Evil 31 The Cyril Blake Allstars Where's Arthur?