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VA - Uptight Tonight

型番(レーベル) ・BIG BEAT
販売価格 1,880円(内税)
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    "UK Big Beat"が贈る最強の"60's Garage Punk"コンピレーション!!ガレージパンク古典Comp"Nugetts""Pebles""Back From The Grave"などにも収録されているナンバーの中から選りすぐり重要なナンバーをピックアップし、激レアガレージパンク”Uptight Tonight"なども加えた、全ガレージパンククラシックスと言える最強のコンピです。音質も最高なのでマニアから初心者まで大推薦のCDです。

    01 ACTION WOMAN The Litter 02 HE'S WAITIN' The Sonics 03 I'M IN PITTSBURGH (AND IT'S RAINING) The Outcasts 04 WHERE YOU GONNA GO? The Unrelated Segments 05 LIAR LIAR The Castaways 06 HANG UP The Wailers 07 UPTIGHT TONIGHT Flash & The Memphis Casuals 08 FOOLISH WOMAN The Oxford Circle 09 99TH FLOOR The Moving Sidewalks 10 SUZY CREAMCHEESE Teddy & His Patches 11 BOY, WHAT'LL YOU DO THEN Denise & Company 12 NO FRIEND OF MINE The Sparkles 13 PSYCHOTIC REACTION Count Five 14 WE'RE PRETTY QUICK The Chob 15 TALK TALK The Music Machine 16 SCAREY BUSINESS The Electric Company 17 JAILHOUSE ROCK Dean Carter 18 I CAN'T MAKE A FRIEND The Vagrants 19 I'LL BE THE ONE Madd, Inc 20 PUSHIN' TOO HARD The Seeds 21 WASTIN' MY TIME The Express 22 MAID OF SUGAR, MAID OF SPICE Mouse & The Traps 23 THE ANIMAL IN ME The Orfuns 24 YOU AIN'T TUFF Lindy & The Lavells 25 GET OUT OF MY EYE The Soul Vendors 26 BEAVER PATROL The Wilde Knights