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Johnny Powers - Long Blond Hair

型番(レーベル) ・Roller Coaster
販売価格 2,780円(内税)
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    2枚組みCD NEW
    今も現役のヒット曲"Long Blind Hair""Rock Rock""Mama Rock"などで有名なデトロイト出身のロカビリーギタリストでシンガーの"ジョニーパワーズ"!! ダーティーでWildなKiller系RockabillyサウンドがGreat!!! 全62曲の大ヴォリューム編集盤!!
    CD1: Long Blond Hair; Rock Rock; Honey Lets Go (To A Rock'n'roll Show); Your Love; I'm Walkin'; Treat Me Right; Be-Bop-A-Lula; Mean Mistreater; Trouble; With Your Love, With Your Kiss; Be Mine All Mine; Me And My Rhythm Guitar; Waitin’ For You; Oh So Far Away; Falling Star; The Bigger They Are; The Harder They Fall In Love; Please Return My Love; Someone's Gonna Hurt You; Seventeen; Mama Rock; Indeed I Do; Waitin' For You; Don´T Go Away; Trouble (I´M Evil); Don´t Lie To Me; Waiting For You; Won't You Please, Pretty Baby; Rosalee; But Now That It's Over; I Believe She Loves Me Too; I Need Your Lovin Baby; I Got A Girl Who Knows How To Live; Everybody Says That I'm A Lucky Guy; Well I Got Troubles; I´ll Take That Chance; Tell Me That You Care*; Indeed I Do*; CD2: New Spark For An Old Flame; Mama Rock; Your Cheatin’ Heart; Matchbox; Waitin’ For You; Corrine, Corrina; Waitin’ For You; Endless Love; My Love, My Life*; I Was There When It Happened; Good Gracious Me; Ring, Damn You, Ring; Long Blond Hair:; I Thought I Heard Something; Me And My Rhythm Guitar; Till Honky Gets Tonky Again; I Haven’t Learned My Lesson Yet; Anything You Say; Doo-Wop Shang-A-Lang; Three Little Words; Ooooh Give It To Me Baby; Everybody’s Got A Dream; Just One Kiss; I’ll Come Back To You