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VA - I Hate Cherries

型番(レーベル) ・Sleazy
販売価格 2,380円(内税)
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    CD NEW
    良質なModern R&Rグループを数多くリリースしているスペインの"スリージー"レーベルより50's Jump Blues / シャウターの中でもフィメールボーカルに焦点を絞った一枚が登場!!"ラヴァンベイカー"や"ビックメイベル"影響下のWildでタフなRockin'ナンバーが楽しめます。Great!!

    1 Rebecca Lea The Devil Hates You 2 Helen Foster Somebody, Somewhere 3 Diana Cole With Ernest Hayes Orch. The Yodelin' Blues 4 Pearl Woods Let The Good Things Start 5 Linda Hayes With Earl Warren Orch. You Ain't Movin' Me 6 Ruth McFadden With Sammy Lowe Orch. My Baby's Comin' Home 7 Sugar & Spice Hey Joe (Let Me Know) 8 Beverly Wright & The Students Shake Till I'm Shook 9 Dakota Staton With Howard Biggs Orch. My Heart's Delight 10 Anne Kaye With Jimmy Wright Orch. Dilly Dally Darling 11 Anita Tucker A Million Thanks 12 Linda Hopkins Rock And Roll Blues 13 Bee Bee Queen With Teacho's Orch. Wanna Be Loved (All Nite Long) 14 Pearl Woods I Can't Wait 15 Rebecca Lea Willie 16 Blanche Thomas You Ain't So Such A Much 17 Dakota Staton With Howard Biggs Orch. Don't Mean Maybe 18 The Gay Charmers Why Do You Hurt Me Darling 19 Chubby Newsom With David Clowney Orch. When Are You Comin' Home 20 Linda Hopkins My Loving Baby 21 Vikki Nelson I Was A Fool For Leaving 22 Dorothy Forbes With David Clowney Orch. Doo-Ba-Dee 23 Vicki Evans Teenage Holiday 24 Linda Hopkins Come Back Baby