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VA - Columbia Hillbilly Vol.7

型番(レーベル) ・CACTUS
販売価格 1,980円(内税)
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    CD-R NEW
    1 Lee Emerson So Little Time 2 Little Jimmie Dickens Stinky Pass The Hat Around 3 Rose Maddox False Hearted 4 Bonnie Sloan Hogtied & Branded 5 Polly Possum Between You & The Birds 6 Lefty Frizzell Shine, Shave, Shower 7 Johnny Bond Six Of One, Half-A-Dozen Of The Other 8 Ray Price Who Stole That Train 9 Carl Story It's A Lonesome Road 10 Onie Wheeler Cut It Out 11 Carl Butler I Know What It Means To Be Lonesome 12 Don Gibson Sample Kisses 13 George Morgan Look What Followed Me Home Last Night 14 Leon McAuliff This Side Of Town 15 Earl Peterson Boogie Blues 16 Neal Burris My Heart Needs Your Heart 17 Ray Smith No Tresspassing 18 Little Jimmie Dickens I'm Coming Over Tonight 19 Oakie Jones Send Me A Penny Postcard 20 Frankie Miller Paint Powder & Perfume 21 Vin Bruce My Mama Said 22 Lefty Frizzell If You Can Spare The Time 23 Maddox Bros. & Rose No More Time 24 Carl Story Have You Come To Say Goodbye 25 Johnny Bond Keep Your Cottin Pickin' Hands Off My Gal 26 Billy Walker It's Doggone Tough On Me 27 Jesse Ashlock Knuckle Head 28 Jimmie Lawson Tennessee Blues 29 Ted Daffan Take That Leash Off Of Me 30 Herby Remington Julida Polka