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Five Keys - Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

型番(レーベル) ・El Toro
販売価格 2,980円(内税)
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    2枚組みCD NEW
    "Grory Of Love ""Close your eyes"と言ったヒットを持つ一流バージニア出身のDoowopグループ"ファイブキーズ"!!デビューした"アラディン"レーベル後メンバーチェンジをして後の"キャピトル"レーベルでの作品をコンプリートした作品集!!人気Jiver"She's The Most"や"It's A Cryin' Shame"などRockin'な作品やオリエンタル調の"Ling, Ting, Tong"などR&Rファンにも人気の作品を収録!!ボーナストラックで"She's The Most"のLive音源も聴けます。
    1 Ling, Ting, Tong 2 I'm Alone 3 Doggone It, You Did It 4 Close Your Eyes 5 Me Make Um Pow Wow 6 The Verdict 7 Don't You Know I Love You 8 I Wish I'd Never Learn To Read 9 Gee Whittakers 10 Cause You're My Lover 11 What Goes On 12 You Broke The Rules Of Love 13 She's The Most 14 I Dreamt I Dwelt In Heaven 15 My Pigeon's Gone 16 Peace And Love 17 That's Right 18 Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind 19 Now Don't That Prove I Love You 20 Wisdom Of A Fool 21 Just For A Thrill 22 The Gypsy 23 All I Need Is You 24 Who Do You Know In Heaven 25 Maybe You'll Be There 26 The Verdict 27 She's The Most 28 From The Bottom Of My Heart 29 C'est La Vie 30 To Each His Own 31 Dream 32 Tiger Lily 33 Let There Be You 34 It's A Groove 35 Four Walls 36 The Blues Don't Care 37 This I Promise You 38 Boom Boom 39 The Face Of An Angel 40 It's A Crying Shame 41 Do Anything 42 Whippety Whirl 43 From Me To You 44 You're For Me 45 With All My Love 46 Handy Andy 47 Emily Please 48 Really-O Truly-O 49 One Great Love 50 Git On Board, Little Children 51 Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho 52 This Train 53 Ezekiel Saw The Wheel 54 Shadrack 55 Gonna Shout All Over God's Heaven 56 Sing And Shout