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VA - Starday Hillbilly Vol.2

型番(レーベル) ・CACTUS
販売価格 1,980円(内税)
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    CD-R NEW
    コアでツボのついた選曲でプレロカビリーファンに高い支持を受けるアメリカの"カクタス"レーベルのレコード会社別極上ヒルビリーコンピ!!"Rudy Grayzell", "Link Davis"といったクラシックロカビリーアーティストがこぞって名ナンバーを残したテキサスの名レーベル"Starday"のヒルビリー集Vol.2!!
    1 Sonny Burns Too Hot To Handle 2 “Smilin’” Jeerry Jericho Moanin' In The Mornin' 3 R.D. Hendon You Travelled Too Far 4 Arlie Duff Fifteen Cents A Sop 5 George Jones Hold Everything 6 Earney Vandergriff I Know I'm Falling In Love 7 Leon Payne We're On The Main Line 8 Jack Newman Full Of Love 9 Blackie Crawford Stop Boogie Woogie 10 Biff Collie Joy Joy Joy 11 Peggy Upton & Danny Buck What'cha Gonna Do 12 Bill Clifton Take Back Your Heart 13 Jim Eanes Don't Stop Now 14 Sonny Burns Powder & Paint 15 Margie Singleton My Picture Of You 16 Bill Mack Cheatin' On Your Mind 17 Orville Couch Five Cent Candy 18 Darnell Miller Cardboard Sweetheart 19 Chuck Mayfield Hog Sloppin' Time 20 Hoot & Curley You Get What You Pay For 21 Link Davis Bayou Buffalo 22 May Hawks Talk A Little Louder 23 Ray Lunsford Carroll County Blues 24 Melvin Price The Pace That Kills 25 Meal Merritt The Funniest Feeling 26 Jack Derrick Rainbow Of Love 27 Frank Evans Barrel Of Heartaches 28 James O'Gwynn Losing Game 29 Chuck Mayfield Washing On The Line 30 Hoot & Curley Hurry Hurry 31 Bill Nettles Gumbo Mumbo 32 Luke Gordon Baby's Gone 33 Johnny Tooley Looking Glass Heart