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VA - Early Girls Vol.3

型番(レーベル) ・Ace
販売価格 1,680円(内税)
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    VG+ / VG+
    UK ACE レーベルが誇る人気&内容充実の"ガールズヴォーカル"Comp!!! 当時のヒットランキングトップ100以下に絞った内容で、60's Grild Group から50's Pops SingerからR&B Singerまでツボのついた選曲でマニアから初心者まで人気のシリーズ!! Vol.3は、クラブでも人気でDJ"クボタタケシ"クラシックスとしても知られるアップテンポGrils"Grilfriends - My One And Jimmy Boy"や"Bernadette Carroll - Party Gril"やNO.1ヒットを記録した"Peggy March - I Will Follow Him"や"Ellie Greenwich"や"ジョ−ジアギブス"のヴァージョンでも有名な"I Want You Be My Baby"のオリジナル"Lillian Briggs”ヴァージョンなど、定番ナンバーを数多く収録!!Great!! 
    01 MY ONE AND ONLY, JIMMY BOY The Girlfriends 02 I WILL FOLLOW HIM Little Peggy March 03 HE'S MINE (I LOVE HIM, I LOVE HIM, I LOVE HIM) Alice Wonder Land 04 JOHNNY ANGEL Shelley Fabares 05 DUMB HEAD Ginny Arnell 06 PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER Cathy Jean and the Roommates 07 AT LAST Etta James 08 WHAT ARE BOYS MADE OF The Percells 09 DON'T YOU KNOW? Della Reese 10 I WANT YOU TO BE MY BABY Lillian Briggs 11 WITH ALL MY HEART Jodie Sands 12 I'M AVAILABLE Margie Rayburn 13 OLD CAPE COD Patti Page 14 ANGEL ON MY SHOULDER Shelby Flint 15 HURT Timi Yuro 16 JOHNNY GET ANGRY Joanie Sommers 17 PLEASE DON'T TALK TO THE LIFEGUARD Diane Ray 18 BIRTHDAY PARTY The Pixies Three 19 GEE WHIZ (LOOK AT HIS EYES) Carla Thomas 20 SHAKE A HAND Faye Adams 21 DON'T GO TO STRANGERS Etta Jones 22 PARTY GIRL Bernadette Carroll 23 BETTER TELL HIM NO The Starlets 24 WHAT KIND OF GIRL (DO YOU THINK I AM?) The Charmaines 25 RELEASE ME Esther Phillips 26 HEY LOVER Debbie Dovale 27 LOOK IN MY EYES The Chantels 28 AIN'T GONNA KISS YA Suzie Clark