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VA - Action Packed Box Complete Rockin' Rarities

型番(レーベル) ・B Sharpe
販売価格 9,800円(内税)
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    商品のフォーマット 商品の状態
    6枚組CDBOX NEW
    コアなファンからの指示が高いEarly 50's〜Late60'sのRockabilly / R&Rのオブスキュアな視点からセレクトし未発表なども数多く収録してきた人気"Action Packed"シリーズ!!!Vol.11までレコードでリリースしてきたものを一挙にまとめ、ボーナストラックも16曲収録した6枚組CD BOXが登場!!!10インチサイズのボックスにレーベルスキャンを掲載したブックレット付き!!!初期の番号は入手困難な同シリーズだけに嬉しいCD化、価格もお手頃です。ヒット/メジャーなR&R/Rockabillyの裏側、鋭角なギタープレイやよりヒルビリーづいた作品など未洗練でマイナーだからこそ響き面白いRockabillyサウンドが全187曲楽しめます!!!
    Disc 1
    1 Ray, Alder Cause I Love Him 2 April Young To Be Loved By You 3 Brasher, Miss Cathy He Told Me He Loved You 4 Josephine Sunday You Won't Even Know Her Name 5 Eight Feet Bobby's Come Home A Long Way 6 Bernadette Castro Girl In Love Forgives 7 Shelley Fabares He Don't Love Me 8 Cherilyn (Cher) Dream Baby 9 Pat Powdrill Happy Anniversary 10 The Pandoras About My Baby (I Could Write A Book) 11 Bonnie Close Your Eyes 12 Noreen Corcoran Why Can't A Boy And Girl Just Stay In Love 13 Reparata And The Delrons I Have A Boyfriend 14 Alice Wonderland He's Mine 15 The Cake Baby That's Me 16 The Cinderellas Baby Baby (I Still Love You) 17 McKinleys Someone Cares For Me 18 Victorians What Makes Little Girls Cry 19 Castanets I Love Him 20 Jackie Lee Cause I Love Him 21 Ray, Alder A Little Love (Will Go Away) 22 Noreen Corcoran Love Kitten 23 Marie Antionette He's My Dream Boy 24 Marcia Strassman Out Of The Picture 25 Beverly Warren Let Me Get Close To You 26 Priscilla Mitchell It Comes And Goes 27 Priscilla Paris He Noticed Me 28 Jean They're Jealous Of Me 29 The Joys I Still Love Him 30 The Chiffons I Have A Boyfriend
    1 Roberta Day Someday 2 Tootie And The Bouquets The Conqueror 3 The Tiaras You Told Me 4 TULIP You Better Stay Away From My Baby 5 Carol Connors My Baby Looks, But He Don't Touch 6 Debbie Rollins He Really Loves Me 7 The Four Pennies When The Boy's Happy (The Girl's Happy Too) 8 Nino Tempo & April Stevens All Strung Out 9 Brenda Hall Soldier Baby Of Mine 10 The Swans He's Mine 11 Popsicles Baby I Miss You 12 Nancy Baron Where Did My Jimmy Go 13 The Emeralds Wanna Make Him Mine 14 The Mamsellers Paradise In Where He Is 15 The Goodies The Dum Dum Ditty 16 Diane Ray Unbelievable Guy 17 Scott, Linda You Baby 18 Noreen Corcoran Dreamin' Of You 19 April Young Gonna Make Him My Baby 20 Nancy Allen Let's Tell Them Tonight 21 The Daylights Billy Is The Boy 22 The Jades He's My Guy 23 King, Clydie The Thrill Is Gone 24 Ramona King What About You 25 Candy & The Kisses Soldier Baby (Of Mine) 26 The Shangri-Las Paradise 27 Bernadette Carroll Happy Birthday 28 Kelly Smith No One Ever Tells You 29 Jill Jackson Here Comes The Night 30 Honey Love & The Love Notes Mary Ann