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HIQLP 001 Nippon Girls 1 2800円
HIQLP 013 Masaaki Hirao/Nippon Rock'n'Roll 2800円
HIQLP 022 Nippon Girls Vol 2 2800円
HIQLP 024 Girls With Guitars 1 2900円
HIQLP 038 Girl Zone! 2900円
HIQLP 009 Etta James/Good Rockin' Mama: Her 1950's Ro 2900円
HIQLP 028 Dean Carter/Call Of The Wild! 2900円

CDKEND 323 100 Club Anniversary Singles 6Ts 1979-2009 2380円
CDKEND 374 Cleethorpes Northern Soul Weekender 2380円
KENTBOX 18 Back To The River - More Southern Soul Storie 5800円
CDWIKD 274 A-Square (Of Course)-The Story Of Michigan's 2380円
CDCHD 1261 Ace Story Vol12380円
CDBGPD 280 DJ Snowboy Presents The Good Foot 2380円
CDWIKD 288 Nippon Girls 1 2380円
CDWIKD 321 Nippon Girls 2 2380円
CDWIKD 313 Masaaki Hirao/Nippon Rock'n'Roll 380円
WIKD 297 Takeshi Terauchi/Nippon Guitars 2480円
CDCHK 964 Mojo Working/Various Artists 1780円
CDCHD 1345 Boppin' By The Bayou 2380円
CDCHD 1355 Boppin' By The Bayou Again 2380円
CDCHD 1363 Rhythm 'N' Bluesin' By The Bayou 2380円
CDCHD 1368 Bluesin' By The Bayou 2380円
CDCHD 1380 Boppin' By The Bayou-More Dynamite 2380円
CDCHD 1388 Rhythm 'N' Bluesin' By The Bayou-Rompin' & S 2380円
CDCHD 1397 Swamp Pop By The Bayou 2380円
CDCHD 1403 Bluesin' By The Bayou-Rough 'n' Tough 2380円
CDCHD 1415 Boppin' By The Bayou-Made In The Shade 2380円
CDCHD 1422 Rhythm & Bluesin' By The Bayou-Mad Dogs, Sw 2380円
CDCHD 1443 Boppin' By The Bayou-Rock Me Mama 2380円
CDCHD 1448 Rhythm'n'Bluesin' By The Bayou-Vocal Groups 2380円
CDCHD 1462 Swamp Pop By The Bayou-Troubles, Tears & T 2380円
CDCHD 555 Teenage Rock'N'Roll Party 2380円
CDCHD 494 More Hollywood Rock'N'Roll/Various Ar 2380円
CDKEND 134 Chess Club Rhythm & Soul/Various Arti 2380円
CDCHD 892 Class & Rendezvous Vocal Groups 2380円
CDTOP 1438 Wow, Wow, Baby! 1950s R&B Blues & Gospel 2580円
CDCHD 839 Dootone Rock'n'Rhythm And Blues 2280円
CDCHD 1114 Intoxica! 2380円
CDCHD 1133 It Came From The Suburbs 2380円
CDCHD 608 Early Girls Vol 1:Popsicles & Icicles 2380円
CDCHD 1181 Early Girls Vol 5 2380円
CDWIKD 224 Required Etiquette 2380円
CDCHD 661 Swamp Blues/Various Artists 2380円
CDCHD 684 Ernie's Record Mart/Various Artists 2380円
CDCH2 1391 Complete Fame Singles Volume 1 - 1964-1967 3100円
CDCHD 1375 Foxy R&B:Richard Stamz Chicago Blues 2380円
CDCHD 1070 These Ghoulish Things-Horror Hits For Hallowe 2380円
CDCHD 1289 Mostly Ghostly-More Horror For Halloween 2380円
CDCHD 1075 Beatlemaniacs!The World Of Beatles Novelty 2380円
CDCHD 1316 Rock Your Baby - 24 Red Hot Rompers 2380円
CDCHD 1392 Come Spy With Us-The Secret Agent Songboo 2380円
CDCHD 1371 Greatest Hits From Outer Space 2380円
CDCHD 1432 Second Helpings-Sequels To The Songs That L 2380円
CDCHD 1224 Destroy That Boy! More Girls With Guitars 2380円
CDCHD 1374 The Rebel Kind-Girls With Guitars 3 2380円
CDCHD 1204 You Heard It Here First! 2380円
CDCHD 1387 Bowie Heard Them Here First 2380円
CDCHD 1359 Cliff Heard Them Here First 2380円
CDCHD 1344 The Ramones Heard Them Here First 2380円
CDCHD 1344 The Ramones Heard Them Here First 2380円
CDCHD 1377 Lipstick, Powder & Paint! The New York Dolls H 2380円
CDCHD 1458 Georgie Fame Heard Them Here First 2380円
CDCHD 1322 Further Mellow Cats And Kittens 2380円
CDCHD 1381 Dusty Heard Them Here First 2380円
CDWIKD 327 Don't Be Bad! 60s Punk Recorded In Texas 2380円
CDCHD 706 Jiving Jamboree Vol 2 2380円
CDCHD 983 Ooh Bop Sha Boo: King Vocal Groups  2380円
CDCHD 1220 Land of 1000 Dances-All Twistin' Edition 2380円
CDCHD 490 Louisiana Saturday Night/Various Arti 2380円
CDTOP 1402 Cracking The Cosimo Code 2580円
CDKEND 250 Return Of Mod Jazz - Mod Jazz Vol 5 2280円
CDKEND 431 Modernists-A Decade Of Rhythm & Soul Dedica 2 2380円
CDTOP 424 Satisfaction Guaranteed!-Motown Guys 1961-19 2380円
CDKEND 199 New Breed R&B 2380円
CDKEND 291 New Breed R&B With Added Popcorn 2380円
CDKEND 393 New Breed Blues With Black Popcorn 2380円
CDKEND 443 New Breed Workin' - Blues With A Rhythm 2380円
CDCHD 1329 Ike Turner/Studio Productions New Orleans and 2380円
CDBGPD 194 The Godfather's R&B-James Brown's Productio 2380円
CDCHD 888 Impossible But True - The Kim Fowley Story 2380円
CDCHD 1030 The Jack Nitzsche Story - Hearing Is Believing 2380円
CDCHD 1211 Holy Mackerel! Pretenders To Little Richard's T 2380円
CDCHD 1319 Criminal Records 2380円
CDCHD 990 Crazy 'Bout An Automobile 2380円
CDCHD 1268 A Rocket In My Pocket 2380円
CDCHD 1390 You Talk Too Much-The Ric & Ron Story Vol.1 2380円
CDCHD 496 Rockin' From Coast To Coast/Various A 2380円
CDCHD 715 Rockin' From Coast To Coast Vol 2 2380円
CDCHD 985 Rockin' From Coast To Coast Vol 3 2380円
CDCHD 1445 Here Today! The Songs Of Brian Wilson 2380円
CDCHD 1434 Sweet Things From The Ellie Greenwich & Jeff 2380円
CDCHD 1427 Hung On You-More From The Gerry Goffin & C 2380円
CDCHD 1411 She Did It! The Songs Of Jackie DeShannon 2380円
CDTOP 1341 Have Mercy! The Songs Of Don Covay 2580円
CDCHD 1327 Something Good From The Goffin & King Song 2380円
CDCHD 1340 Da Doo Ron Ron-More From The Ellie Greenwi 2380円
CDCHD 1346 Handy Man-The Otis Blackwell Songbook 2380円
CDCHD 1303 The Big Beat-The Dave Bartholomew Songboo 2380円
CDCHD 1354 Rolling With The Punches-The Allen Toussaint 2380円
CDCHD 762 Ernie Maresca - The Original Wanderer 2380円
CDCHD 1170 Goffin & King - A Gerry Goffin & Carole King So 2380円
CDCHD 1208 Break-A-Way: The Songs Of Jackie DeShannon 2380円
CDCHD 1282 Hey, Beach Girls! 2380円
CDCHD 1001 UK Sue Label Story-The World Of Guy Stevens 2380円
CDCHD 648 Where The Girls Are/Various Artists 2380円
CDCHD 1376 Where The Girls Are Vol 8 2380円
CDCHD 718 Let The Boogie Woogie Rock'N'Roll 2380円
CDCHD 703 Benny Joy/Crash The Rockabilly party 2380円
CDCHD 719 Earl Palmer/Backbeat 2380円
CDCHD 837 Link Wray/Law Of The Jungle 2380円
CDCHD 1243 Jackie DeShannon/You Won't Forget Me-The C 2380円
CDCHD 1350 Jackie DeShannon/Keep Me In Mind-The Comp 2380円
CDWIKD 320 Deadbeats/On Tar Beach 2380円
CDCHD 776 Wanda Jackson/Queen Of Rockabilly 2380円
CDKEND 154 Dave Hamilton's Detroit Dancers/Vario 2380円
CDKEND 356 Dave Hamilton's Detroit Soul 2380円
CDKEND 177 Dave Hamilton's Detroit Dancers Vol 2 2380円
CDBGPD 177 Dave Hamilton's Detroit Funk 2380円
CDCHD 1420 Bring It On Home-Black America Sings Sam Co 2380円
CDKEND 180 Sanctified Soul 2380円
CDKEND 405 Era Records Northern Soul 2380円
CDKEND 203 The Goldwax Story Vol 1 2380円
CDKEND 313 Goldwax Northern Soul 1 2380円
CDKEND 272 Northern Monsters 2380円
CDKENK 129 Big In Wigan-20 Northern Mammoths From 1880円
CDKEND 384 Kent 30-Best Of Kent Northern 1982-2012 2380円
CDKEND 100 For Dancers Forever/Various Artists 2380円
CDBGPD 135 King Funk 1 2380円
CDKEND 185 King Northern Soul 2380円
CDKEND 201 King Northern Soul Vol 2 2380円
CDKEND 209 The Soul Of Money Records 2380円
CDKEND 389 Pied Piper Presents A New Concept In Detroit 2380円
CDKEND 429 Pied Piper-Follow Your Soul 2  2380円
CDKEND 237 The Mirwood Soul Story 1 2380円
CDKEND 132 Okeh...A Northern Soul Obsession/Vari 2380円
CDKEND 432 Northern Soul's Classiest Rarities Vol 5 2380円
CDKEND 338 Northern Soul's Classiest Rarities Vol 4 2380円
CDKEND 248 Northern Soul's Classiest Rarities 2 2380円
CDKEND 192 Northern Soul's Classiest Rarities 1 2380円
CDKEND 160 Shrine: The Rarest Soul Label 1  2380円
CDCHD 922 Arthur Alexander/The Greatest 2380円
CDWIKD 213 Dean Carter/Call Of The Wild 2380円
CDKEND 010 Irma Thomas/Time Is On My Side plus.. 2380円

NW 507 Tommy Todd/Tag Along 5 1680 円
NW 508 Johnny Jano/Rock-a-me Lulu 1680円
NW 509 Rocket Morgan/Gonna Walk Back Home 1680円
SW 141 Charlie Feathers/Get With It  1480円
SW 140 Jess Hooper/Sleepy Time Blues  1480円
SW 138 Jesse James/Red Hot Rockin' Blues 1480円
SW 139 Junior Thompson/Mama's Little Baby 1480円
LTDEP 002 Rationals/Rationalism! EP 1680円
NW 505 Zakary Thaks/She's Got You 1680円
NW 504 Denise/Boy, What'll You Do Then 1680円
NW 502 Seeds/Pushin' Too Hard 1680円
LTDEP 015 Yo Yo's/The Singin' Swingin' Yo Yo's 1680円
REP 340 Howling Wolf/Crying At Daybreak 1480円
REP 441 Connie Mack Booker/Love Me Pretty Baby 1480円
BGPS 028 Roosevelt Matthews/Tighten Up 1 1480円
LTDEP 018 The Stars Of Money 1680円
LTDEP 013 Hang It Out To Dry 1680円
PIPER 007 Rose Batiste/This Heart Is Lonely 1680円
PIPER 007 Rose Batiste/This Heart Is Lonely 1680円
PIPER 008 Cavaliers/Ooh It Hurts Me 1680円
PIPER 001 Lorraine Chandler/I Can't Hold On (Alt) 1680円
PIPER 002 Mikki Farrow/Set My Heart At Ease 1680円
PIPER 003 September Jones/Voo Doo Madamoiselle 1680円
PIPER 004 Tony Hester/Just Can't Leave You 1680円
PIPER 006 Nancy Wilcox/Gamblers Blues 1680円
PIPER 009 Nancy Wilcox/He'll Be Leaving You  1680円
BGPS 044 Coasters/Love Potion Number Nine 1480円
TOWN 160 Troy Dodds/Try My Love 1480円
CITY 043 Elaine Armstrong/Tears Begin To Fall1680円
TOWN 161 Barbara Lewis/The Stars 1480円
TOWN 157 Mel Williams/Can It Be Me 1480円
CITY 040 Timmy Wilson/Long Ways To Go 1680円
CITY 041 Avons/When The Boy That You Love Is Loving 1680円
BGPS 046 Alice Clark/Don't You Care  1480円
TOWN 159 Bobby Angelle/It's Just Got To Be That Way 1480円
BGPS 042 Little Eva/Dynamite 1480円
CITY 038 Kenny Carter/You'd Better Get Hip Girl 1680円
CITY 037 Dave Crawford/Praying For Rain To Come 1680円
TOWN 155 Lee "Shot" Williams/Hello Baby 1480円
CITY 036 Clarence Daniels & Obie Jessie/Hard Working G 1680円
CITY 035 Sam Dees/Touch Me With Your Love 1680円
TOWN 154 Superbs/I Wanna Do It With You Baby 1480円
TOWN 152 Mary Love/Lay This Burden Down 1480円
CITY 032 Chuck Jackson/Millionaire 1680円
TOWN 150 Jackie Shane/Stand Up Straight And Tall 1480円
TOWN 151 Ty Karim/You Just Don't Know  1480円
TOWN 153 Charlene & The Soul Serenaders/Can You Win  1480円
TOWN 148 Darrow Fletcher/My Young Misery 1480円
TOWN 149 Newports/Dixie Women 1480円
CITY 030 Magicians/(Just A Little) Faith And Understandi 1680円
CITY 029 Paul Clifton/She Wobbles When She Walks 1680円
BGPS 015 Spanky Wilson/You 1480円
LTDEP 016 Sonics/The Witch 1680円
CITY 025 Pat Hunt/I Ain't Talkin' 1680円
TOWN 144 Dave Hamilton/Pisces Place 1480円
TOWN 145 Jackie Day/Naughty Boy 1480円
TOWN 146 Eddie Whitehead/Just Your Fool 1480円
CITY 026 Ortheia Barnes/Never Ever Leave Me 1680円
CITY 022 JT Rhythm/My Sweet Baby 1680円
CITY 023 Jackie Lee/Anything You Want 1680円
TOWN 141 Hytones/Good News 1480円
TOWN 142 Trini Lopez/Sinner Not A Saint 1480円
CITY 017 Spencer Wiggins/I'm At The Breaking Point 1680円
CITY 019 Larry Banks/Ooh It Hurts Me 1680円
TOWN 139 Rudy Love & The Company/Suffering Wrath 1480円
TOWN 140 Antellects/Love Slave 1480円
CITY 015 Barbara Perry/A Man Is A Mean Thing  1680円
CITY 013 Lilly Fields/Changes 1680円
CITY 014 Phillip & The Faithfulls/What'Cha Gonna Do 1680円
TOWN 135 Karmello Brooks/Tell Me Baby 1480円
TOWN 134 Tobi Lark/Sweep It Out In The Shed 1480円
CITY 009 Rita & The Tiaras/Gone With The Wind Is My Lo 1680円
GUSTO 003 Stratoliners/What Do You Want With My Love 1480円
GUSTO 001 Mike Pedicin/Burnt Toast And Black Coffee 1480円
TOWN 133 Mr Dynamite/Sh'Mon 1480円
CITY 008 Otis Redding/Loving By The Pound 1600円
SW 142 Pat Cupp/Flying Saucers 1480円



Alis Lesley - He Will Come Back To Me 2480円
Eddie Cash - Doing All Right 2480円
Ronnie Smith - Long Time No Love 2480円
Tony Casanova - Boogie Woogie Feeling 2480円
Oops! - (Va! Va Voom!! Vol.V) 2480円
Marcel Riesco - A Record Date with 2480円

The Beat From Palookaville - Come Get Ur Lovin' 2480円
VA - Rockin' Race Jamboree 2015 Battle Of The DJS 2480円

Los Volidos - High Custom Fidelity 1380円
Ric & The Dukes - Don't Fight 1380円
The Tacomas - Top Hits 1380円
Ronnie Hawkins - Southern Love 1380円
Los Coringas - Rock & Roll Trio 1380円
The Dragtones - The Devil Inside / Scream 1380円
Charlie Hightone & The Rock It's - Baby Behave 1380円
Beat From Palookaville - It's Your Voodoo Workin' 1380円
Outta Sites - Let Yourself Go 1380円
Wynn Stewart - Come On 1380円
Big Bopper - Crazy Blues 1380円
Spo-Dee-O-Dee - Somebodys' Fool 1380円
Almon Loos & The Hoop n' Hollers ? Nightmare 1380円