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VA - The Girl Groups Of HIT Records

型番(レーベル) ・Hit
販売価格 2,680円(内税)
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    CD-R NEW
    1 Jenny & The Jewels Baby Love 2 Ther Georgettes Be My Baby 3 Alpha Zoe Da Doo Ron Ron 4 The Dacrons Don't Hang Up 5 Clara Wilson Don't Say Nothing Bad About My Baby 6 The Tennessee Six Plus Four More Down At Papa Joe's 7 Clara Wilson & The Cleftones Foolish Little Girl 8 Peggy Gaines Gravy 9 The Gleams He's A Rebel 10 The Dacrons He's So Fine 11 Connie & Clara I Will Follow Him 12 Jenny & The Jewels In And Out Of Love 13 Amy & The Jarretts Johnny Loves Me 14 Alpha Zoe Keep Your Hands Off My Baby 15 Alpha Zoe Let's Turkey Trot 16 Peggy Gaines Loce Motion 17 Dot Hester My Boyfriends Back 18 Clara Wilson My Guy 19 Clara & The Cleftones Our Day Will Come 20 The Flower Sisters People Say 21 Peggy Gaines Playboy 22 Scootie Popsicles Icicles 23 Gerry And The Georgettes Quicksand 24 Peggy Gaines Ride 25 The Belles [Unafilliated] Sally Go Round The Roses 26 Connie Dee She's A Fool 27 The Dacrons South Street 28 Peggy Gaines Tell Him 29 The Belles [Unafilliated] The Boy Next Door 30 The Dacrons The He Kissed Me 31 Houston Where Did Our Love Go