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Jimmy And Johnny - If You Don't Somebody Else Will

型番(レーベル) ・Bear Family
販売価格 1,980円(内税)
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    商品のフォーマット 商品の状態(ジャケット/盤)
    中古CD M− / M−
    "ルイジアナヘイライド"や"Big D Jamboree"でも常連で"If You Don't Somebody Else Will"がヒットしたカントリー系デュオ"Jimmy And Johnny"の"D""Decca""Chess"などの音源を集めたベスト音源集!!ロカビリーファンにもお馴染みの"Sweet Love On My Mind"も勿論収録!!!
    1 Don't Forget To Remember 2 Wait A Minute Baby 3 If You Don't, Somebody Else Will 4 I'm Beginning To Remember 5 Flying (To Your Heart) 6 All Day Long 7 Can't You, Won't You 8 The Fun Is Over 9 Dear Mr. Disc Jockey 10 Love Me 11 Lips That Kiss So Sweetly 12 Sweet Singing Baby 13 Trust Me 14 'till The End Of The World 15 Imagination 16 Another Man's Name 17 Sweet Love Of My Mind 18 Here Comes My Baby 19 Don't Give Me That Look 20 I'll Do It Everytime 21 What'cha Doin' To Me 22 I Can't Find The Door Knob 23 Keep Telling Me 24 Look What Love Will Do 25 I Ain't Worried About Tomorrow 26 My Little Baby 27 All I Need Is Time 28 Let Me Be The One 29 Knock On Wood 30 If You Don't, Somebody Else Will 31 I'm Beginning To Remember 32 Lips That Kiss So Sweetly 33 Love Me